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Ainee Athar

Impact Fellow, Prime Coalition

Ainee Athar is an Impact Fellow with the Prime Coalition, a public charity investing catalytic capital into climate technologies with gigaton-scale emissions reduction potential. Ainee's focus on climate impact comes on the heels of a highly impactful tenure as an immigrant advocate and technology-driven community organizer. During her time with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, she was the youngest immigration program officer in America. Her portfolio helped protect 2 million undocumented and vulnerable immigrants from deportation while shaping national narratives on asylum, essential workers, and the bipartisan need for immigration reform. Other highlights of her work include financing the historic campaign at the Supreme Court to protect DACA and catalyzing a national campaign of immigrant leaders around Temporary Protected Status. She previously held roles in civic tech and as the Texas Director of Ainee was born in Pakistan, raised in Texas, and spent her life as an undocumented immigrant before obtaining asylum at 26. She lives in the Bay Area and runs Ultramarine, a strategy and consulting practice working with philanthropies, social impact ventures, and family offices.

Ainee Athar
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