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Carmela Wilkins

Graphic Designer, A/B Partners

As a designer it's important to see beyond and actively unlearn eurocentric design ideologies. Which is why decolonization is core to my practice and how I move through the world. The culmination of my life experiences galvanized a dedication to creating change in marginalized communities most susceptible to environmental injustices food insecurity and sensory disruption as a result of post-colonial legacies and climate change. Currently I work at the nexus of people power and social justice as a Graphic Designer and Creative Strategist. It was from my experience transitioning from front-end work to back-end that I discovered the power of data where narrative gaps segregate the invisible from the visible. In my newfound pursuit to expand into the ever-evolving world of technical languages specifically Python and machine learning to merge with my love of design I am undertaking 17 weeks of intensive data analytics training through Data Science for All: Correlation One. Where I hope to leverage my understanding of how climate and food justice design interventions can benefit from data on gustatory and olfactory inequities and shifts in black and brown frontline communities.

Carmela Wilkins
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