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Cyrielle Noël

Program Specialist / Founder, Ocean Wise / Eau daCit�

Cyrielle Noël is a spatial planner, with expertise in marine and coastal environments. Being born and raised on the river island of Tiohti:áke (Montréal), Cyrielle is described as a soulful thalassophile, who moonlights as a social entrepreneur while also working as a Program Specialist for Ocean Wise. As a recipient of a full Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, she graduated with merit from Radboud University with a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning, and from Cardiff University with a Master of Science in European Spatial Planning and Environmental Policy. Her thesis explored the scope for closer integration between marine spatial planning and coastal zone management practices within the context of promoting sustainable development. Cyrielle has developed a global perspective, having worked on projects in Barbados, Cambodia, Mauritius, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Cyrielle is the founder of Eau daCité whose vision is to reconnect cities, citizens, and companies to the original source of urbanization -waterways, by having the audacity to put waterways first in the context of sustainable development. Cyrielle is a volunteer with Montréal Global Shapers, and, in her free time, she enjoys connecting with nature by snowboarding, caving, and fishing.

Cyrielle Noël
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