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Daniele Visioni

Research Associate, Cornell University

I am from Italy, where I did all my studies and got my Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at the University of L�Aquila. I moved to Cornell University in 2018 to continue my research. I started my graduate studies by studying volcanic eruptions and their effect on the climate of our planet, but quickly moved to the study of the feasibility of proposed solutions that might buy us some time in our fight against climate change. Using state of the art climate models, I have tried to understand if some techniques may be used to temporarily cool the planet while we work to stop our CO2 emissions. Together with understanding the surface climate and ecological impacts, I am also very interested in the ethical, legal and social ramifications of an eventual deployment of these techniques and have published work on the topic (and on climate change more in general) with over 200 other co-authors in a wide range of disciplines.

Daniele Visioni
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