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Emily Walter

M.A Candidate, Carleton University

Emily Walter is an M.A Candidate at Carleton University's Norman Paterson School of International Affairs specializing in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. Her research interests focus on environmental trade policy inclusive governance systems and present challenges for multilateralism and diplomacy. Her article The Jab Hurts: Assessing Canada�s role in vaccine nationalism during COVID-19 was recently published in the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal. Emily is the co-author of a Canadian Tax Journal publication on the implications of introducing border carbon adjustments in Canada and is an author on the book: The Legacy of 9/11 and the Effects on North America. (McGill-Queen�s University Press 2022).Emily received her B.A Honors with a University medal from Dalhousie University where she studied Environmental Sustainability and International Development. Her current research looks at the degree to which environmental provisions in trade agreements and border carbon adjustments are cooperative or coercive in their design and the implications of pursuing these measures for Canada�s trade relations and climate policy.

Emily Walter
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