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Hannah Waxman

Student, University of Miami

Hannah has driven sustainable change through work in water technology, renewable energy, and system transformation in the business sector. Her current work at IMAGINE has allowed her to be a part of building net positive companies, which thrive by giving more than they take. Teaming up with the Red Cross, she is also developing innovative solutions to minimize the impact of water bottle waste in disaster relief operations. Locally, Hannah is engaging with Miami Dade County to reduce emissions and address increasing heat stress. Through academic research, she has explored detrimental anthropogenic environmental factors, gaining insight into the systems change needed for a sustainable tomorrow. Hannah believes we can all benefit from integrating nature into daily life. Channeling her inner plant, you can often find Hannah outdoors photosynthesizing. A day of work often ends with a walk on the beach or an ocean view bike ride. Hannah graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Environmental Engineering and is currently pursuing an MS in Sustainable Business and MBA at University of Miami.

Hannah Waxman
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