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Juanita Ballesteros

Senior Resilience Analyst, City of Miami Beach

Juanita was born in the mountains of Bogota, Colombia and raised in the sunny beaches of South Florida. This duality of culture and experience has shaped her perspective into one of flexibility and inclusivity, holding different perspectives simultaneously. Trained as an architect, an urban planner, and a landscape architect, her focus is on urban resilience and tackling the challenge of adapting our cities to climate change and sea level rise. Leveraging this multi-disciplinary background, she strives to create cities and places that are environmentally and socially resilient. She holds a BS in Architecture from MIT and a Master of City Planning and Master of Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley. She now works as the Senior Resilience Analyst for the City of Miami Beach. On weekends, you can find her at the beach or at the botanical garden admiring the plants.

Juanita Ballesteros
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