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Natalie Whitaker

Graduate Research Assistant, Florida International University

Natalie is a current Graduate Research Assistant under the advisement of Dr. Heather Bracken-Grissom at Florida International University. After receiving her master�s degree in environmental science and policy from Johns Hopkins University, she joined the CRUSTOMICS: Crustacean Genomics and Systematics Lab to work towards a PhD in Biology. Natalie has vast research interests, including phylogenetics, conservation, evolution, biodiversity, and environmental policy. Her current research focuses on the population genetics of the Caribbean king crab (Maguimithrax spinosissimus) in the Florida Keys, Florida [USA]; a species that feeds on macroalgae currently dominating the Florida Keys� coral reefs. She hopes that her research on the species� genetic diversity and connectivity will assist in inferring the health and recovery potential of coral reefs in the Florida Keys. In addition to her research, Natalie currently serves as the Assistant Director of a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue center. When Natalie isn�t in the lab, she enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with her partner and their pets.

Natalie Whitaker
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