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Ruipeng Yukiyama

Founder, Climate Ingenuity

RuipengYukiyama is the founder of new youth-led nonprofit Climate Ingenuity. Its mission is to deliver systemic change on climate mainly through actions that help reduce emissions. Its top policy proposal called Overhaul America centers around phasing out all polluting vehicles nationwide by 2032, which Ruipeng and his team submitted to the World Economic Forum backed Youth Climate Action Challenge last November. For his nonprofit, in 2021 he compiled 200+ climate policy educational materials spanning 10+ categories like books and publications to help make arguably the world’s most important field accessible to all. He is now working to roll that out to the public at scale in the coming months. Prior to starting his own organization, he was a US Delegate for Mock COP26 in November 2020. He credits his career progression in the climate space to the habit of constantly being involved, willingness to try new projects, critical thinking, and finding his own ways of contributing to advance the larger mission. Overall, he strives to bring a strategic perspective to the climate space knowing how much that’s needed to help limit warming to 1.5 Cº.

Ruipeng Yukiyama
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