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Shreeya Gautam

Junior Fellow, Clean Energy Buyers Association

My name is Shreeya Gautam from Kathmandu, Nepal and I am currently involved in the clean energy space in the US where I work for Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) as a junior fellow. I recently graduated from Ripon College with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Computer Science. I am also passionate sustainability, clean energy and environmental justice in the global context which has led me to have diverse cohort experiences in the energy and sustainability space that have reiterated the importance of equity and the environment to me. Furthermore, having been born and raised in the Himalayas, I have had firsthand experiences that have reminded me of the effects of the changing climate, which is why I strive to be invested in innovative, transformative and inclusive global solutions in energy and sustainability.

Shreeya Gautam
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