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Sophia Donskoi

Program and Engagement Administrator, 501CTHREE

I'm a Gen-Z environmentalist, optimist, and journalist. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Public Policy and Environmental Systems and Society, I joined 501CTHREE. Our nonprofit aims to mobilize the next generation to fight against climate change and for climate justice by creating a global community that embraces and understands innovation and technology. I focus on communicating stories of environmental positivity and change, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to work in the field of environmental justice. I help deploy clean technology solutions in communities that suffer from environmental injustice, and I also create messaging to reach broad audiences and tell stories of environmental progress. I am the former Assistant General Manager of UCLA Radio, where I hosted several radio shows and podcasts focused on climate change. I am a first-generation American from a Russian family born and raised in South Florida, and I speak Russian, English, and conversational Spanish and Portuguese. In the future, I hope to broaden my impact as a professor in Environmental Communications by teaching others how to effectively tell empowering stories about our environment. Outside of my work, I love riding horses, drinking matcha lattes, cooking plant-based food, and traveling!

Sophia Donskoi
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