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Tanya Jagdish

Student, Albion College

Tanya Jagdish is a senior pursuing a double major in Biology and Mathematics at Albion College, MI. She takes pride in her interdisciplinary work that centers around data, policy, and people. As the co-chair of the Sustainability Council, Tanya works with multiple stakeholders on campus to create systems for long-term impact. She also works as a consultant for the Association for Resilient Campus Design and Innovation (ARCdI) where her primary job involves writing blog posts, compiling resources, and analyzing data on making higher education institutions more resilient to changes. Locally, Tanya is involved with the restoration of wild rice beds, where she works closely with the members of the Match-e-be-nash-she-wish Band of Potawatomi Indians. Tanya is passionate about translating research into action through collaborative and equitable solutions. In her free time, Tanya enjoys dancing, reading, and cooking for her friends.

Tanya Jagdish
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