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Amy Harff

Thomas J. Watson Fellow

Amy Harff is an Energy Research and Development Project Management Analyst
at Booz Allen Hamilton. She manages different transformational energy projects for the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program. Before joining Booz Allen, she completed the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship on how creativity and storytelling can be tools for climate action. For her research, she lived in eight countries and worked with over 350+ local stakeholders to understand different communication tools for catalyzing change. She has given presentations and workshops at NYC Climate Week, Goldsmiths University of London, and aboard the Peace Boat for the UN Ocean Decade. Since moving to Washington, DC in August 2023, she co-led Adaptation workshops for 125 of the US’s top youth climate leaders at the Local Conference of Youth in advance of COP28.

When she’s not working on energy or climate, she’s making art. Her work spans from large illustrations about local projected climate impacts to festival costumes made from trash to murals. She has created art for organizations in five countries, and her commissioned tapestry, “What Gives Me Hope” was displayed at COP28 in Dubai. She has been an art judge for Bow Seat’s Climate Heroes competition and for Creative Conscience.

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