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Anna Fache


As a Ph.D. student at Florida International University, I am immersed in the dynamic realm of energy research, with a particular focus on the intricate interplay between climate change and the electricity sector. Building upon the foundation laid during my master's studies, where I delved into the potential energy transitions for France and Germany under the Paris Accord, my academic journey has evolved to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change in the context of Florida's electricity landscape. With a passion for sustainable solutions and a commitment to advancing environmental resilience, my doctoral research explores the profound impacts of climate change on the electricity sector in the Florida. With its unique geographical and climatic characteristics, this state serves as a compelling case study, offering insights into the vulnerabilities, adaptations, and mitigation strategies required to navigate the complex intersection of climate change and energy infrastructure. This endeavor is driven by a genuine desire to contribute valuable knowledge and actionable recommendations that can inform policy decisions and guide the development of sustainable energy solutions, thereby fostering a more resilient and adaptive electricity sector in the face of our changing climate.

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