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Ayana Albertini-Fleurant

Executive Director, Sustain The Culture

Ayana Albertini-Fleurant is a pioneering force in the field of climate advocacy, driven by her dedication to creating a sustainable and just world. Hailing as the first graduate of Howard University's Environmental Studies program, Ayana coined the concept of 'environmental liberation,' seamlessly merging Black liberation, climate justice, and environmental equity. Her academic journey continues as a Master's candidate in Urban Resilience and Sustainability at the University of Miami, where she focuses on shaping resilient urban communities.

Through her founding of Sustain the Culture, a Miami-based culture lab and community hub, Ayana amplifies the rich tapestry of Black environmental culture and fosters youth engagement. As a content creator, Ayana not only celebrates her lifelong commitment to a green lifestyle but also challenges conventional perceptions of environmentalists. She highlights the often-overlooked narrative that Black individuals, particularly Black women and femmes, are powerful forces in the sustainability movement. Her digital presence diversifies and enriches the environmental space with authentic representation.

Beyond her environmental passions, Ayana finds joy in yoga, slow fashion, graphic art, singing, and creative direction. These endeavors serve as both outlets for her creativity and sources of personal fulfillment. With her multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication, Ayana stands as a trailblazing figure in the realm of climate leadership, continuously working towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

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