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Charles Hua


I was a former Analyst at Rewiring America, a nonprofit organization that aims to decarbonize the U.S. economy through electrification and efficiency. I work on the policy team, conducting research and analysis on various topics related to clean energy, transportation, and buildings. I also consult for Fortune 500 companies and international NGOs on sustainability issues, such as ESG data, climate stimulus, and green hydrogen.

I graduated from Harvard University in 2022 with a BA in Mathematics and Statistics and a minor in Energy and Environment. I have a strong interest in the intersection of sustainability, climate, energy, and cities, particularly from a policy, finance, data, and equity lens. I have honed my skills and knowledge through various academic, extracurricular, and professional experiences, such as organizing a panel on cleantech finance for the MIT Energy Conference, helping Harvard write its revised sustainability plan, and launching a campaign that successfully petitioned a school district to adopt a 100% renewable energy resolution. I am passionate about writing, podcasts, photography, sports, traveling, biking, running, and cooking.

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