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Chloe Young


Chloe Young is a sophomore at Duke University studying Environmental Science & Policy with certificates in Energy and Entrepreneurship. She Co-Founded Eco Circle International, a non-profit bridging the gap between interdisciplinary environmental education and sustainable action through international fellowships and educational platforms. In the last 4 years, they have reached over 500 students from more than 4 countries with their fellowship program, and these numbers are only growing. Chloe is also the Director of Partnerships and a podcast Co-Host for Energy Terminal, a media, community, and career platform with the mission to build the next generation of energy leaders. Finally, she is a Research Assistant at the Coasts and Commons Co-Laboratory at Duke, has completed internships in the sustainable fashion field, and is teaching a “House Course” (student taught course) this spring about how to have meaningful conversations.

Throughout the last four years, she has represented the youth voice of the environmental movement at numerous conferences and events, such as the UN High Level Political Forum, statewide climate strikes in Illinois, and the MIT Cambridge Science Festival. She prioritizes interacting with people who have a multitude of perspectives, as she believes acknowledging nuance is essential to shaping a future that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

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