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Emma Roehrig

Staff Assistant

Emma Roehrig currently serves as a Staff Assistant for the House Committee on Energy & Commerce, the oldest standing committee in the House of Representatives, with the widest jurisdiction. She is passionate about mitigating climate change through public policy, and through her role helps to advance climate forward legislation that benefits all Americans. In her previous role as a State Organizing Fellow for the Climate Action Campaign she worked with organizers across the country to push the Biden Administration and the EPA to install the toughest possible standards on climate pollution, and celebrate the wins of the Inflation Reduction Act. She recently received her Masters in Environmental Resource Policy from George Washington University, where she founded the Defend Our Future chapter and worked to engage youth in climate advocacy. Throughout graduate school she worked for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, where she connected with environmental educators in all fifty states and helped give them resources to further their teaching practices. Prior to that she served in AmeriCorp where she worked to make Central Florida food system’s more sustainable through a Food Policy Council. She hopes to use her broad range of experience and apply it to sound policymaking that allows all stakeholders to be heard.

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