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Emmanuel Adekojo


Passionate about leveraging technology for sustainable change, I am Emmanuel Adekojo, a dedicated individual committed to making a significant impact in the climate space. Since graduating from high school in 2021, I have immersed myself in various leadership roles and projects that showcase my commitment to addressing environmental challenges. As a Climate Future Leader 2023 at the Global Aspen Idea Institute, I've honed my skills in driving innovative solutions and fostering collaboration on a global scale. My leadership extends to initiatives like solving problems using technology, where I played a pivotal role in implementing practical solutions to combat climate change at the local level.

My dedication to the climate cause has earned me recognition, including becoming a semi-finalist in ClimateScience Olympia 2023, underscoring the effectiveness of my contributions. Currently, I am participating in Take Action Lab Cahort Fall 2023, organised by Global Citizen Year, where I continue to channel my passion for technology and innovation into creating positive environmental impact. Whether through leading projects, engaging in global programmes, or advocating for sustainable practises, my narrative reflects a commitment to shaping a greener and more resilient future. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and passion to the ongoing discourse on climate action.

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