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Gervais Muderhwa

Project Officer

Gervais Muderhwa is the Project Officer of the NGO MKAAJI MPYA asbl in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is also the Director of the Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Department within the organisation. He holds a Bachelor's Degree (Bac+5) in Environment and Sustainable Development. Passionate and very committed to the conservation of biodiversity, he leads to date and has participated in the implementation of several conservation projects implemented by the organizations to which he belongs, including the SOS Biodiversity Project of aquatic environments in the DRC, the Rural Conservation Clubs Programme, the Project Saving the littorals of Lake Kivu and Lake Tanganyika frequented by migratory birds and which he initiated.

It is worth noting that he is a pioneer of the Programme for the Rapprochement of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities to Protected Areas (IPLCs) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, following his successful participation in the COP15 of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Montreal in 2022. He represented the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central Africa in the Charles R Wall Young African Policy Fellows Programme implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), through which he supported the African Negotiators Group (AGN) before and during COP15.

Gervais Muderhwa is also a member of several youth and civil society organisation networks engaged in biodiversity conservation, wetlands and climate change.

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