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Jack Taks


Greetings, I am Jack Taks, a twenty-year resident of the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Currently immersed in the pursuit of knowledge as a full-time student of Landscape Architecture, I am also a fervent advocate for a diverse range of conservation efforts within my community. Over the past few years, I have undergone a profound transformation, gaining enlightenment about various global challenges that impact every living organism on our cherished planet Earth. This newfound awareness has prompted deep contemplation regarding my place in the intricate web of our climate crisis and the role I can assume in championing conservation. My conviction, born out of this enlightenment, is that each individual possesses a significant role in addressing these issues, regardless of its scale. I firmly believe that every contribution, whether minute or monumental, holds equal importance. My personal evolution in this context has been marked by a commitment to fostering awareness, innovation, and a visionary approach to the future. I have assumed leadership roles in distinctive initiatives aimed at cultivating community and overall well-being. In navigating the realm of climate action, I have steered away from conventional methods such as protests or petition signings, not disparaging their efficacy, but rather choosing a proactive approach. I am driven to see my initiatives come to fruition through personal involvement and collaboration with dedicated teams. My niche lies in the spheres of education, advocacy, and the thoughtful cultivation of gardens, not merely for personal gratification but also to gain a nuanced perspective on how gardening and its associated conservation practices can reverberate through the environment. A testament to this commitment is my engagement with various institutions, where I have spearheaded the creation of sustainable gardens. These endeavors involve crafting garden beds from repurposed, untreated pallet wood, a practice that not only imparts knowledge to the institutions involved but also salvages wood that would otherwise languish in landfills. This journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, as I witness the curiosity and gratitude of the communities impacted by these eco-friendly gardens.

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