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Keely McNeme

Account Executive

Keely McNeme is an Account Executive at Redwood Climate Communications, the first strategic communications agency built from the ground up to serve climate- and sustainability-focused organizations. Her expertise at Redwood lies in media strategy, copywriting, and crafting social media content for a diverse clientele within the cleantech sector, spanning hydrogen, energy efficiency, and battery recycling.

Graduating cum laude from Southern Methodist University in 2023, Keely holds degrees in Political Science, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs, and International Relations, with a minor in History. During her academic tenure, she coauthored a peer-reviewed paper for the Journal of East Asian Studies. Keely's exceptional academic performance earned her accolades as the 2023 Outstanding Student in Political Communication for CCPA, as well as the Robert Stewart Hyer Society's 2023 University Award for Outstanding Scholar.

Before her role at Redwood, Keely engaged in multifaceted experiences. She contributed as a research assistant at SMU, interned at an SEO marketing agency, worked within the communications department of the US Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and was a Local Conference of Youth USA 2023 program facilitator.

Passionate about advancing a climate-forward agenda, Keely focuses on communicating the climate crisis in an accessible manner for all individuals. Her goal is to illustrate not only the impact of climate change but also empower people to contribute toward mitigating its consequences. Residing in Texas, a predominantly conservative state, she finds fulfillment in sparking reconsideration among climate skeptics.

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