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Luke Norris

Student + Community Organizer

Hi, my name is Luke! I'm a junior at the University of Miami studying environmental science and policy. During my short time in Florida, I've worked with the Xavier Cortada Foundation and the CLEO Institute to advance local climate initiatives and foster community engagement. As an artist, I know the power of emotions and how they can be used as a tool for progress. Anger, hope, frustration, joy, sadness, and nostalgia are all powerful feelings that I experience within this climate space; passion is what drives my work. This is also why I stress the intersectionality of climate change, where concepts like race, sexuality, gender, class, geography, and income are of the utmost importance. My favorite quote comes from activist Chico Mendes before his assassination: "Environmentalism without class struggle is just gardening." Hopefully, I am able to help create large institutional changes that advance a more equitable and sustainable future. I will do this with my public speaking skills, passion for reading and writing, and creativity. I'm excited to meet new like-minded people and learn from wonderful role models along the way!

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