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Madeleine Danzberger

Sustainability Associate / Co-Founder

Madeleine Danzberger is a recent graduate of American University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Art History. Raised on the shores of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, Madeleine’s experiences in the natural world have inspired a lifelong commitment to environmental advocacy spanning the social activism, non-profit, and public sectors.
Her professional journey is distinguished by a variety of experiences including internships at the Aspen Institute, Sephora North America, and Steve Madden, focused on development and strategy in the environmental space, supply chain management, and corporate social responsibility. She is currently a full time member of the sustainability team at Steve Madden where she facilitates the achievement of enterprise sustainability goals around environmental impact, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and charitable giving.
She is a founding member of Water Corps (Previously Water Emissaries), a nonprofit focused on providing education, mentorship, and job opportunities to college students and recent graduates. In this role, she created programming and led strategic initiatives to engage students from across the United States in digital bootcamps focused on water and climate advocacy.
​​ Through these diverse experiences, Madeleine aims to drive systemic change in sustainability, applying her expertise to make a meaningful impact at the intersection of business, science, education, and community engagement.

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