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Manisha Jha

Teaching Fellow for Economics 101, Research Associate at Weatherhead Institute

Manisha, a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy School, specializes in quantitative economics and public policy with a zeal for spearheading deployment of low-carbon energy technologies in developing nations, particularly India. Her summer internship at Blueleaf Energy, a Macquarie backed renewable energy developer in Asia, saw her apply her economic analysis of public policies to assess new renewable energy initiatives. Growing up as a coal miner's daughter, she experienced the dichotomy of coal's allure and detriment. As a result, she has developed a strong commitment to transitioning from coal to sustainable energy sources. She has been involved in a cross-school study group at Harvard examining the future of coal regions of the world and addressing the transition's hurdles. Currently, Manisha is dedicating her graduate thesis to the challenges faced by India's solar photovoltaic solar manufacturing sector. Her dedication has earned her grants from prestigious institutions such as the Salata Institute, the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, and the Center for International Development at Harvard, fueling her pursuit to leverage new energy technologies against climate change.

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