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Paul Mugisa


My name is Paul Mugisa. I am a climate activist, student of Environmental science at Kampala International University and co-founder of Climate and Biodiversity Initiative Ltd (CBI). This is a grassroots, youth-led initiative established to create an impactful and resilient generation, whose aim is to restore nature and empower the most vulnerable people in Uganda. This year, I am focusing on convening dialogues with non-state actors such as UN-Climate Champions, United Nations Development Programs (UNDP), British High Commission (BHC) in Uganda, school-going children and youth to drive climate action and ambitions. I am leading the implementation of the Trees for Life Green Schools project that aims to empower school-going children and teachers to act on climate change through tree planting, greening the school, climate change education and awareness campaigns and urban farming. This year I am focusing on bringing grassroots voices, women, youth and children on climate and environment conversations to COP28.

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