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Samantha Schmitz

DC Field Events Coordinator

Sam Schmitz (she/her) is an advocate and strategic amplifier currently at the Environmental Defense Fund’s Moms Clean Air Force where she leads outreach, policy, and engagement in the Washington, DC area with an emphasis on connecting young people, parents, and frontline community members with elected officials. Harnessing the power of storytelling and deep listening, Sam has led dozens of community members to share their story to drive climate action in addition to sharing her own story of growing up with asthma exacerbated by pollution through testifying at the Environmental Protection Agency, lobbying Congress, and shaping DC local policy.
With an equally rich background in international climate work, Sam previously worked at the World Resources Institute, conducting research to support countries’ net-zero ambitions and at the Harvard Center for the Environment, interviewing international climate leaders to identify scalable policy and community-based solutions. These experiences have led her to excel at distilling complex information, serving as a vital connector between technical experts and communities.
Sam graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and minors in Energy & Environment and Global Health & Health Policy. She recognized early on the nefarious economic drivers behind environmental injustice which shaped much of her academic journey and has fueled her work at the intersection of environmental justice and public health. Sam is committed to using her proximity to power and resources to amplify frontline voices and build diverse coalitions in the pursuit of climate justice and liberation.

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