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Sarra Mansour

Gender and Youth Intern

I am a passionate advocate and practitioner in the field of renewable energy and climate justice. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Renewable Energies and a Master's in Renewable Energy in Mechanics, I've honed my expertise in sustainable energy systems, specializing in solar power and its applications, particularly in solar water pumping.

My journey into this realm commenced during my undergraduate years, and since then, I've actively contributed to numerous impactful projects. As the International Youth Delegate for COP28, I proudly represent the voice of young change-makers globally, a role that has offered me the privilege of advocating for crucial climate policies at the United Nations General Assembly.

Having served as an International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Youth Representative, I've not only participated in the IRENA General Assembly but also engaged in the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, amplifying the significance of renewable energy initiatives among youth. In Algeria, my work at the Ministry of Energy Transition involved spearheading infrastructure projects for electric vehicle integration and contributing to a 1000MW solar energy endeavor.

Moreover, my dedication extends beyond professional roles. I actively engage with organizations like SEforALL, where I champion gender and youth empowerment in climate action. As a board member of the Algeria Youth Ambassadors Foundation and a focal point for the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, I strive to inspire and mobilize the youth towards a sustainable future.

Recognized as a future climate leader by the Aspen Institute and selected as one of the 100 International Youth Climate Delegates for COP28, I continue to foster dialogue, innovate, and drive tangible change in the global fight against climate change."

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