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Tenny-Ann Dandy

Cultural Organizer

Growing up in Jamaica, some of my best memories include seeing beautiful flowers and hummingbirds, biting into juicy tropical fruits, and running around outside with my cousins in the summer heat. As I grew, so did my love for nature. After earning a full-tuition leadership scholarship from Franklin & Marshall College through the POSSE Foundation, I knew I wanted to study the environment. And, after taking a Public Health course, I felt an otherwise lacking connection between humans and our Earth. As a Public Health Community Outreach Specialist, I raised awareness about the dangers of lead poisoning, especially in children. At the School for Field Studies in Costa Rica, I learned useful skills in environmental ethics, tropical ecology, and natural resource management.

As an Organizer at Sustain the Culture, I conduct community-based research to understand environmental climate justice concerns. I organize impactful events to mobilize people and promote environmental justice and liberation principles in Black communities, especially. Through participating in programs like Catalyst Miami’s Community Leadership on the Environment, Advocacy, and Resilience (CLEAR) and engaging with organizations like the Sunrise Movement, I’ve learned the value of uplifting climate solutions through community engagement, cultural empowerment, and environmental education. My goal is to return to my beloved island, armed with newfound knowledge and an unwavering determination to champion sustainability and preserve Jamaica's breathtaking natural wonders to share them with the world.

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