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Yadira Capaz

Program Manager and Facilitator

Yadira Capaz is a research-based artist healing the future. She is currently working as a Community Manager for her project Coral Friends, and has 10+ years of experience producing workshops and retreats on Leadership, Creativity, and Human Connection across the US and Latin America. She is known for engaging communities in climate justice, holistic wellness, creative tech, and entrepreneurship for social impact.

In response to seeing the wildfires in Australia at the beginning of 2020, Yadira started a wilderness therapy project Swamp Therapy in the Everglades for QTBIPOC. That led her to join Catalyst Miami’s CLEAR program where she began to develop a Resiliency ToolKit for Urban Farms to help marginalized communities manage hurricanes using the Neighbors 2 Leaders Grant. After a Permaculture Design Certification in 2021, Yadira began exploring regenerative living in ecovillages then created the Earth Week Retreat with the Selina Hotels in Ecuador in 2022, and the following year led a Global Leadership eco-tourism retreat for gap year students with Pacific Discovery in Costa Rica.

The coral bleaching in the Keys in summer 2023 moved Yadira to organize the 3-day Miami Ocean School in partnership with Parley for the Oceans and Adidas. Afterwards she created the Coral Friends initiative and began hosting her Fall for the Oceans programming. She recently returned as a facilitator for Catalyst Miami’s CLEAR program to nurture a new generation of climate leaders! Every step of the way, Yadira finds opportunities to educate her community and build networks of resilience.

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