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Thomas Benson

PhD Candidate and Dissertation Fellow, University of Delaware

Thomas Benson is a PhD Candidate and Dissertation Fellow in Political Science & International Relations at the University of Delaware. His current research interests are in Environmental Justice, Sustainable Cities, and Urban Politics. Thomas has published academic papers on food and water insecurity, and citizen participation in smart cities, forthcoming publications in equity and inclusivity, and working papers on Chinese environmental policy, e-participation in cities, and global environmental governance. He has also published two non-academic reports on university sustainability and community solar and has two forthcoming works on bikeshare feasibility in Newark (DE) and a university sustainability plan. Thomas has presented at 9 conferences since May 2020, including APSA, ACSP, and the Global Conference on Sustainability in Higher Education, and has received 12 grants and awards since 2020. His dissertation focuses on urban sustainability in the U.S. and UK and how cities can be at the forefront of climate leadership.

Thomas Benson
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