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Camille Minns

Deputy Director

Camille Minns is a dedicated advocate for clean energy, climate justice, and just innovation. She currently works as the Associate for Building Decarbonization at Clean Energy Works, advancing inclusive clean energy financing solutions. Born and raised in The Bahamas, Camille’s journey into the climate and energy space was initially sparked by a deep desire to ensure that her beautiful country and region would not succumb to their unique vulnerability to climate change. Her commitment to environmental justice and clean energy has earned her recognitions as a GreenBiz Emerging Leader, a GreenForAll Clean Energy Scholar, and a WRISE x GRID Rising Solar Fellow.

In 2020, Camille joined the team at Earth Hacks—a nonprofit working with students and organizations to host environmental hackathons focused on justice-centric climate action. She now serves as the Deputy Director of the organization. In this work, she has co-developed initiatives like the Environmental Justice in Tech (EJIT) project. In envisioning and proposing more equitable and environmentally resilient futures, this project investigates questions of environmental harm, climate tech development, social issues, and the intersection of the environmental and social impact of new technologies.

Camille holds a B.A. in Globalization, with a concentration on Sustainable Development, and is finalizing her M.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University. Throughout her career, she remains unwavering in her commitment to fostering positive change in the renewable energy landscape and creating a more just, sustainable future for us all.

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