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Diamond Spratling

Founder and Executive Director

Diamond Spratling, MPH (she/her) is an award-winning environmental justice activist, storyteller, and public speaker. In 2019, she founded Girl Plus Environment, the national non-profit organization designed to educate, engage, and empower Black and Brown womxn to stand up for environmental justice in their own neighborhoods. Diamond's leadership in environmental justice is driven by her own lived experience as a Detroit native as well as the motivation to dismantle health, racial, and environmental inequities in other communities alike.

The Detroit native and two-time TEDx speaker has spent more than eight years at the intersection of environment and health. Her strong dedication to the sector has earned her the William H. Sterner Memorial Award (2017), the Elmore Manufacturing Award (2018) the Yale New Horizons in Conservation Award (2021, 2022), and recently recognized at a 40 under 40 Young, Gifted, and Green recipient.

In addition to her work at Girl Plus Environment, she has helped many cities, brands, and organizations globally to adopt meaningful, equitable processes that prioritize community and protect our planet. Namely, Diamond has supported initiatives at Bloomberg Associates, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, City of Atlanta, Climate Advocacy Lab, Greenlink Analytics, International Society for Urban Health, among others.

Subject matter expertise include: environmental justice; health equity; energy justice; nonprofit management; public speaking; spatial analysis; climate storytelling; equitable community engagement; digital media advocacy

Notable speaking engagements: Earth Day at Hasbro, Columbia University, COP27, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Detroit Mayor's Council on Equity, Families USA Health Action Conference, World Resource Institute, University of Michigan, MIT Energy Conference

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