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Michele Appledorn


Michele Appledorn is a technical energy analyst at VEIC, where she specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures. With a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a focus on sustainability, Michele provides technical assistance to support large-scale energy efficiency programs in the US.

During her undergraduate studies, Michele distinguished herself as a Graham Sustainability Scholar at the University of Michigan, actively collaborating with the Michigan League of Conservation Voters to increase community engagement in vital environmental initiatives. Now, pursuing a master's degree in energy systems engineering, she is preparing for graduation this semester along with the completion of her capstone project. Michele's capstone is dedicated to crafting a guidebook and resource guide tailored for Michigan municipalities, aimed at facilitating the development and implementation of effective energy efficiency programs within their communities.

Hailing from the countryside of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, she developed an early appreciation for nature as well as a strong desire to protect it. This passion, combined with her academic background and hands-on experience, underscores Michele's commitment to sustainable practices, both personally and professionally, as well as her dedication to making a positive impact at the intersection of engineering and the environment.

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