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Myra Adnan Malik

Global Manufacturing Sustainability Expert

I'm Myra Adnan and I'm currently the Global Manufacturing Sustainability Expert at Nestlé. I work for the Corporate office in Switzerland, creating strategies to meet renewable energy targets and net-zero emissions ambitions, while being based out of sunny Dubai.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer by degree and I like to use my technical background to bring value to the Climate Change and Sustainability space. The first project I managed was awarded Sustainability Project of the Year at the Big Project Middle East Awards, and I was proud to commission one of the first manufacturing plants running on 100% renewable electricity. I currently work with process and technology experts to ensure the latest “net zero technologies” are part of our product portfolio roadmaps to ensure our Operations can be zero carbon.

Call it cliché but I’m extremely passionate about “making the world a better place” and I’ve always had this drive towards being part of something bigger. I believe we have a responsibility to our people and our planet and neither of those can bring value if they are not given the right care and attention.

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