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Ryan Omar Camero

Action Lead/Creative DIrector

For more than a decade, I have been a visual storytelling educator, coalition-builder and workshop/program facilitator with extensive public speaking, curriculum design, and community organizing experience. With a range of applied skills, I have worked for and collaborated with a wide variety of non-profit organizations, grassroots efforts and issue-based campaigns as an invaluable force for social change. This work has spanned local to global forms, gathering community support on statewide issues to mobilizing narrative interventions at the U.N. climate negotiations.

My practice often combines creative mediums and diligent study to translate complex issues into digestible, imaginative depictions. Through a variety of forms (i.e. banners, images, songs, chants, curriculum or presentations), this work often engages the senses, stimulates possibility, and inspires action. As a multimedia creative, I explore both socially engaged projects and the wide range of the human condition.

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