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Tehya Jennett

Green Producer

Tehya Jennett (she/they) is a climate storyteller, filmmaker, and Green Producer for Stranded Astronaut Productions, an artist collective and production house that specializes in social impact content. They have been a Sustainability Coordinator on numerous film/TV productions, and produced the award winning cli-fi short, Stomach of the Earth (2020). They recently directed Gen Z Mental Health: Climate Stories (2022), which has received 3 awards, screened for the UN and WHO, and played at festivals like Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Jackson Wild, and Hawai'i International Film Festival.

With a strong passion for community care, Tehya has regularly hosted and produced events that center mental health, creative expression, and climate action; including the recent Playground Earth supported by MTV Mental Health Action Day. Tehya believes in the importance of the youth voice in climate media, and has served in positions such as a LCOY Youth Delegate, an LA2050 Youth Ambassador, and a youth consultant on UNICEF publications.

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