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Thomas Polo

Co-Founder and President

Thomas Polo (Polo) is the co-founder of The Green Journey, a multi-year green world tour with a mission to discover and amplify climate solutions from all continents. Based on the fundamental belief that the climate crisis deserves stories of radical hope, The Green Journey engages entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and policy makers to document the solutions they are working on to tackle climate change. To date, Polo has been to over 30 countries without flying or driving. Instead, him and his partner Megan are biking, hitchhiking, sailing and using public transportation to promote and advocate for lower-carbon forms of travel. He recently sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to embarking on The Green Journey, Polo worked for McKinsey & Company in San Francisco where he co-founded the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) department of the consulting firm. Polo graduated from UC Berkeley and Sciences Po in Environmental Economics & Policy.

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